Update on Shinkai: The World's First 3-Way Wallet on Kickstarter

Update on Shinkai: The World's First 3-Way Wallet on Kickstarter

Update on Shinkai: The World's First 3-Way Wallet on Kickstarter

Here is an update regarding the Shinkai wallet project originally launched by Kisetsu Co., which Ed Charly acquired in 2023.

We understand and deeply regret the silence that followed the initial launch and are committed to transparency and communication with our community.

Inventory Assessment and Quality Improvement Efforts

Upon acquiring Kisetsu.Co, Ed Charly acquired the remaining stock of the Shinkai wallets, including both the first batch and a subsequent improved version. The team has spent considerable time sorting through these stocks and conducting extensive quality assessments.


Focused Testing and Community Feedback

In our commitment to quality and innovation, we produced a small batch of improved Shinkai wallets and distributed them among a selected focus group. This initiative was aimed at gathering comprehensive feedback and assessing the wallet's design and functionality in real-world conditions. The feedback received was mixed, highlighting the unique design and efficiency of the Shinkai wallet, but also pointing out challenges related to material selection and product thickness.


Decision and Future Plans

After a thorough review and internal testing, we have decided not to continue the production of the Shinkai wallet in its current form. The insights gained have shown that while the wallet holds promise, it requires further refinement to meet our high standards. However, we view this not as an end but as a stepping stone. The Shinkai wallet remains a side project under active development, and we hope to reintroduce an improved version in the future.


Special Offer for Enthusiasts

We acknowledge the enthusiasm many have shown for the Shinkai wallet. For those who are particularly keen on acquiring the original design, we do have a limited stock of the first batch available. If interested, please contact us at info@kisetsuleather.com for more information.


Apology and Assurance

We apologize for any disappointment caused by the previous management of the Shinkai wallet project and the lack of updates. We are committed to ensuring a transparent and responsive communication channel moving forward. We thank you for your patience and continued support.
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